Why Chaindustry?
We give value and high quality digital services to our users and our partners.
24/7 community management
Chaindustry has a team of experts who can manage your community and keep it lively 24/7.
Effective Marketing
Chaindustry's team of experts can help you do a very efficient global and regional marketing to sell your product and your brand to a massive audience..
Content Development
Our Team of experts can produce for your project HD graphics, videos and motion graphics, high quality articles and more.
Expert Team
Ranging from SEO experts, designers and animators, creative content developers, to Moderators who are in sync with the latest trends in the industry.
Investing Help
You can consult chaindustry's market experts to do analysis on the low cap gems and suggest potential projects for you.
SEO and PR
Chaindustry can help you trend and increase your SEO ranking and conduct press release to create awareness for you.
DoToEarn Network
With our DoToEarn network we can conduct, initial marketing offering (IMO) and Secondary marketing offering (SMO) for proejcts, based on the stages of the project.
Cost Effective
We deliver the best quality of services to our client at an affordable cost.
Our Services
Chaindustry Provides a wide range of quality services that are given here.
Hosting AMA Sessions
We conduct high quality and organic 'Ask Me Anything' sessions for companies within and outside our network.
CG & CMC Listing
We can bring new crypto projects to the level where it's listed on coin index platforms like Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. We can also help make important updates on their coin index profile.
Website and Mobile App Development
We have a team of designers and developers that can design and deliver quality digital products for companies just like they designed Chaindustry and more.
NFT design
A lot of 3D designers are part of our Team and our community, they have experience in designing and maintaining NFT collections.
Social Media Promotions and engagements
With Promote To Earn, Chat To Earn and Engage To Earn being part of our DoToEarn product. We promote projects on social media and build organic engagements around it.
Growth hacking and Digital marketing
We engage the use of cost-effective digital marketing strategies to achieve users' growth, retain active users, and gain project awareness.
Content Development
We create HD contents like graphics, videos, motion graphics, 3D animations, copywriting and content writing for projects who need it.
VC/Angel investor introduce and BD
We are connected to communities of venture capitalist and investors looking for good projects to invest with their terms. We can link projects with VC connections.
UI/UX and Product management
Our design team will build and manage your product by establishing a clear design process, meeting deadlines, and delivering a spot-on end result.
Data Analysis
We turn your data into business insights and plan for the future with our analytics services,where data is gathered, processed, and presented to assist in improving your decision-making.
Our Customers love to work with us and appreciate our efforts at the end.
Nancy EkweremaduUX writer @ Google
I love Chaindustry. I have been using it for a while now and it has been a great experience. Kudos to the team for their hard work and the quality of the service.
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Our Team
All the members of our team are active and cooperative.
Emmanuel Patrick
Founder and CEO
UbongAbasi Ukpong
Idongesit Ita
Igunnu Emmanuel
Patrick Idungafa
Annie Ukana
Utomobong Usoro
Moderator Instructor
John Harnie Paul
IT Consultant
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